Living with the idea in your mind that at any point you could fall victim to a house invasion is a scary thought. And not something you would not want to deal with.
For a lot of people, they try their best to completely remove that thought from their head and not have to deal with it. While this is an understandable approach, it is not exactly the best approach.

Today we are going to be going over how to prevent a home invasion and how to survive one. If, and when it happens.

Prevention of A Home Invasion

It can be difficult to gauge how vulnerable you are to a home invasion. Some thieves do not put any planning into their next heist and simply hit the most promising looking house. This can be an advantage for you. Simply remove any expensive looking items from the window sills, put all yard work equipment in the shed or garage and make sure to close your blinds during the day.

But what happens if the thugs can’t see anything, but still decide your house is the next on they’re going into? Well, making sure you have zero flaws in the following can be make or break:

1.    Strong windows
2.    Strong Doors
3.    Strong locks

These 3 things in their absolute best state can be incredibly difficult to deal with. Most people do not want to deal with it when they realize they aren’t getting in easily. It’s 3 simple fixes that you should look into.

Surviving A Home Invasion

Now this is a completely different ball game compared to preventing a home invasion. You need to think about and put yourself in your own shoes when you are in the middle of a home invasion. Not something that is easy to do.

So, we have put together some food for thought points that will help you.
The first thing you want is to have all your valuables stored away in a strong safe. It can be a really easy task finding a quality safe, just simply head over to TossTheKey and find one for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a $5000 safe either to keep you protected. Just your standard bolted down, sturdy steel safe will do.

The 2nd thought is make sure you and your family has a game plan in case something does go down. You should all have a closet you run to, the phone you are going to grab and the doors you are going to lock. Having simple plans like this in place before something actually happens can be the difference between life or death. It’s a scary thing to think about, but needs to be done.

It Can Happen, Probably Not, But Expect It

A home invasion happening to you is unlikely. If you live in the suburbs it is even more unlikely. But what you need to realize is that it can happen. And that you need to be prepared for it.
Take our suggestions above seriously and you will find yourself living a lot more comfortably.